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SALT (Secured Automated Lending Technology) is Blockchain backed loans platform for crypto holders which mean you put up your crypto assets as collateral and you will get fiat loans in USD, EUR, RMB etc. so you don’t have any need to sell your assets because you can get cash for your assets and at the end of the terms of the loan you can get back your assets. 


It’s a win/win game and if a borrower runs away with cash then he can get his assets back and will help the peoples with both loans and savings. The SALT COIN also give their users membership plans in which there is a fixed total supply of 120 million. Currently, 1 SALT COIN ($10) gains you access to up to $10k. Premier plans with 30 SALT COIN gives you access up to 100k. Enterprise plans give you access to 100k and up. If the price fluctuates in case but they will sell only to $10 so no tensions at all. SALT COIN has a total of $1,096.6 trillion in cash equities and repo transactions. There are $8 billion in cloud storage and computing, along with a whopping $630 trillion in derivatives and foreign exchanges. Diamonds and jewelry account for $78 billion, physical gold $7.8 trillion, and real estate titles $15.6 trillion.

How does a SALT Lending Works?

There are 3 steps to complete the loan process:

1) Loan Creation: The Borrower sends the collateral to the SALT wallets collateral and funds are immediately transferred to the borrower’s bank accounts as per the collaterals he sends to the SALT lending wallets.

2) Loan Repayment: The borrower needs to pay timely payments to the lender.

3) Loan Completion: When the borrower completes its repayments the SALT lending returns its collaterals.

Also, you can use the salt loan to your personal use like business etc. if a borrower missed a payment then the SALT technology will deduct the portion from the users collateral and cover the missed payment and fees.

Benefits of SALT Lending:

· SALT Lending is different from credit cards loan because it has low repayment term than the credit card loan terms.

· SALT loans are very secure also it doesn’t require personal guarantee all you have to do is just send your collaterals and get the loan.

· The minimum amount you can borrow is $5,000 and other depends on your collateral value, conditions, eligibility etc.

· Users can make payments with digital currency like Bitcoin etc. and also through ACH transfer or by your bank through your debit and credit cards.

· SALT focus on Collateral assets instead of credit score, so no tax, no fees while lending through this platform.

· Users can get their assets or money at any time they want without paying any extra fee.

· Users can start lending with an Easy application, fast approval, and no credit checks. Get cash deposited directly into your bank account.

· SALT has Competitive interest rates with no prepayment fees. Avoid tax events.

· It gives Freedom to sell your assets when you want also Freedom to spend your cash how you want.


SALT lending is the first innovative platform I have seen which will give you an easy and transparent way to utilize your assets wisely and get freedom of your assets. It’s a good platform for both borrowers and lenders. It’s unique lending concept and less repayment system is awesome, but its tokens just don’t make a good investment. The possibilities for users who can benefit from this platform are limitless, and the features allow it to be wide-reaching.

Review Regal Coin

Crypto Loan - Affiliate Program - Staking - Regal Coin

Cryptocurrency market is becoming hot these days and peoples are going crazy all over the world. Bitcoin prices surpass in previous records and there are many cryptocurrencies were launched in the market, Regal coin is one of them. Regal coin is the cryptocurrency based business model and established in September 2017 funded through an ICO (Initial coin Offering), which was a great success. A total of 27 million Regal coin is in circulation and this platform shows similarity with Bitcoin. Anyone can earn money through this platform by trading, lending, and staking.

Key features:

Some of the key features of Regal coin are as follow: 

• Regal coin platform offers customers four programmes; Trading, Crypto Lending, Staking and Affiliate and network.

• Transaction of money is transparent i.e transactions are anonymous. Further, it depends on the users if they want to disclose their identity or want it secret. 

• All transaction are recorded and spread through multiple servers and can be monitored through blockchain technology.

• The transaction of Regal coin is very easy. One can transfer Regal coin to anyone and anywhere through internet.

Regal coin platform is decentralized and not controlled by any Government. 

• The Regal coin number is fixed at 27 million. So their number cannot be increased or decreased. Thus, the number of coins does not fluctuate but their value can that may lead to increase in profit to buyers. 

• This platform is also supported by Android and iOS-based systems for users. 

How to purchase Regal coin? 

Users can register through to start working on this platform. Further, users need to register at Coin Exchange. Then deposit at least $100 in the form of Bitcoin at Coin Exchange account. Next move is to buy Regal Coin in exchange for Bitcoin. Furthermore, transfer Regal coin from Coin Exchange account to your Regal coin wallet. Once the transaction is completed, you can invest your Regal coins. This is the way Regal coin works for customers.

Regal coin start prices:


Regal coin is initially funded through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) by 5 million coins from a total of 27 coins. ICO begins on August 22, 2017, and starts at the price:

0.85 $ for 0-1 million Coins first

0.88 $ for 1-2 million Coins

0.91 $ for 2-3 million Coins

0.94 $ for 3-4 million Coins

0.97 $ for 4-5 million Coins


One of the limitations of the Regal coin is that it is not possible to buy coin on its platform. Thus Regal coin can be purchased through another exchange such as Bitcoin. According to reviews from their social media, the customer's complaint about their customer care service.

Customer Support: 

Regal coin can be reached through the official website: and can also be reached by social networking site likewise Twitter, Facebook and YouTube etc. 


Regal coin is another cryptocurrency based business model which offers guaranteed returned to their customers. One of the most important features of Regal coin is crypto lending and affiliate networking that allows customers to earn up to 7% bonus on level one through affiliate network system. Regal Coin has all its value just inside the platform but you will be sinking money and we have seen this time to time even its affiliates will lose money but it’s one of its kind Cryptocurrency which offers stable guaranteed returns.Would we recommend investing with Regal Coin? In our answer, yes. The world of cryptocurrency trading and investment is more stable and secure than it has ever been.